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Gallery: Summer Wonder Festival 2016

Attention all resident resin junkies! This years Summer Wonder Festival was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba last weekend. A smaller affair than last years, there was still more than enough geeky goodness to satiate just about any pop-culture cravings you might have. Browse our gallery below, but best keep hold of your credit cards. […]

The Life of Live – Life in Japan

Regular readers of this column will, in the not so recent past, have read about what it’s like to be a fledgling musician in the land of the rising sun. It’s a difficult path to navigate, with pay-to-play venues and unique pre and post-show rituals, but those who fight through those difficulties will reap the […]

Idolize/Fetishize – Life In Japan

I’ve talked a lot about idols on this site, in this column, other columns, and most recently, in an interview with some idols themselves. If you were to scour those articles with a fine-toothed word-comb, you’d likely notice a pattern of near-psychotic positivity; I’m a big fan of idol music and idol culture, and generally […]

Life In Japan: Nippon New Year

As I mentioned previously in this very column (yes, you should be keeping up), the Japanese don’t really see Christmas as a very big deal. Certainly not in the same way us god-fearing western nations do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a big winter celebration to look forward to as the cold weather […]