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A Beginners Guide To Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is into its sixth year and is still a popular, tactical shooter. With consent updates from Ubisoft, there have been plenty of new modes, items, events and maps released too. Kayleigh takes on the world of Rainbow Six Siege, giving some tips for newcomers. Introduction Learning how to play a new First […]

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Details Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege continues to be one of the most quietly phenomenal shooters of the year. Now over eight months since release, Ubisoft have divulged information on the newest season of their tactical shooter. This update brings the noise from the favelas of Brazil in “Operation Skull Rain” with two new operators, one new map and […]

Opinion: Carpe Siege ‘Em

Since the beginning of this generation, publishers have been trying to figure out how to sell AAA multiplayer-only experiences to consumers. What’s been confusing to me about these games is if you look at most critical thought on them, the biggest complaints are always about how there isn’t enough to warrant a full price purchase. This argument […]