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Press Start: Life As A Game

Welcome back to Press Start where you get your weekly updates on video-games and anything that surrounds them. This week I am going to get a little bit philosophical. I want to look at the idea of real life being just a game, their similarities, and how these two cross over. I also want to […]

Press Start: Are Games Easier?

Hello everybody! Hope you are ready for this week’s topic – it’s a doozy; are games getting easier? I want to take a look at certain games from different years and find out if games are easier in general or are they still controller smashingly good. The best way to start looking at comparisons is […]

Press Start: What Makes A Great Game?

Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s Press Start! For those who haven’t read this column before, I talk about anything to do with gaming. Each week I look at different aspects of the gaming world and give my opinion on them. That leads me up to this week’s topic of what exactly makes a good game? There […]