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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 – Update Report

Heroes of the Storm’s large update was released recently, Heroes of the Storm 2.0. What the patch essentially boils down to is the addition of loot boxes. Which I have no problem saying I’m wary of. It’s been fine for now but I am also getting boosted experience due to a stimpack. That’ll be the […]

Heroes of the Storm In An All Out Brawl

Heroes of the Storm will be getting a new game type, ‘Heroes Brawl’. Similar to the brawl modes of Overwatch, or the mutators of Starcraft 2‘s co-op missions. Heroes Brawl will feature a weekly rotation of a specific map and rulesets such as on or two lane maps, limited hero choice, or everyone playing as the one […]

Heroes of the Storm New Hero Details – Chromie

Chromie is one of two new heroes recently announced for Heroes of the Storm. Chromie is a ranged assassin character with a theme of time. As the details in the video below show, her abilities work as follows: Q – Sand Blast – A linear shot that passes through all but enemy heroes W – Dragon’s Breath […]