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5 Things Ray Is Anticipating For BlizzCon 2017

5 Things Ray Is Anticipating For BlizzCon 2017


This weekend is a busy weekend for Blizzard Entertainment and fans of the Blizzard family of games. It’s BlizzCon 2017 weekend, and there will be announcements and fun to be had by all. Since this weekend is BlizzCon weekend, I have decided to make a list of the five things I am most anticipating from Blizzard.

There are only a few of the Blizzard games that I actually enjoy and play myself, but there are several things I am looking forward to. Picking just a top five was difficult, and there will be much more to see than I am going to list, but these are just my own personal choices. Let’s kick things off with the game I have been playing the most lately.


Hearthstone has been releasing expansions once every four months for the past couple of years. The next expansion is due to be released in December, probably around the middle of the month. With that in mind, I highly am anticipating the announcement of the new expansion.

The name of the expansion will no doubt be announced during the opening ceremonies. The opening ceremonies will begin at 18:00 GMT on Friday and several announcements will be made. Throughout the rest of the weekend there will be Q&A panels and information panels that will explain exactly what the expansion will entail. They will reveal some, but not all, of the new cards as well.

I am sure Ben Brode, Hearthstone Game Director, will be on hand to give us all the information. He will be joined by other Team 5 members who work on the game as well. Since the Hearthstone World Championships have been changed for this year, this will be my most anticipated portion of the Hearthstone aspect of BlizzCon.

World Of Warcraft

Much like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft is highly anticipating an announcement of the new expansion. This would make the seventh expansion in the World of Warcraft Universe. There have been rumours about what this new expansion could be.

My absolute favourite rumour so far has to be that the new expansion will feature a major storyline involving Jaina Proudmoore. She has been sort of left out of things for sometime in the storylines, but this may now be her time. After defeating the Legion once again in the current expansion, it may be time to focus on Azeroth once more.

Opening Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremonies themselves are always a must watch for me. President of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Morhaime, kicks things off with an introduction. Then it is turned over to each division of Blizzard with some sort of tease about what’s in store for the weekend. This is also where they usually announce new expansions and/or new games.

There is some anticipation, by many, that Blizzard will be announcing a new addition to the Blizzard family of games. Some believe it could be a sequel to the RTS game Warcraft III, while others think it could be something new entirely. I myself have been anticipating a day when they re-release the original Warcraft and Warcraft II games updated for today’s enjoyment.

Community Night

Community Night takes place Friday night of BlizzCon and features the Costume, Talent, Art and Movie contests. This year’s host of Community Night is Chris Hardwick, who previously hosted the 2014 edition of BlizzCon’s Community Night. It’s a tough gig, but last year several people were VERY disappointed with Thomas Middleditch. He just didn’t seem to know very much about Blizzard, or its vast library of games.

There is also a change to this year’s Community Night. The Talent Contest will be judged live by three judges. The judges will include: Darin De Paul who voices several Blizzard characters including Reinhardt from Overwatch and Warchief Blackhand from World of WarcraftJonny Cruz who provides his voice to Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm as Lucio; and Panser who is a well-known personality in the online gaming community.

I love the Costume Contest the most, and seeing the work that gets put in to some of those Cosplay’s is absolutely fantastic. We shall see how this new way of doing thing goes, but I am definitely excited for Community Night.

Closing Ceremonies

The Closing Ceremonies of BlizzCon always tries it’s best to put a nice little bow on the 2-day event. Summing up all we learned, saw and enjoyed from the weekend. Mike Morhaime will once again take the stage to thank the attendees, the guests and of course to introduce the band that will close the show.

This year, BlizzCon 2017 has the Grammy Award-winning band Muse to close the show. While I am not the biggest Muse fan in the world, they definitely can put on one hell of a show. This should be an extremely entertaining way to end the biggest event on the Blizzard calendar.

Final Thoughts

These are just a list of five of the many events going on at BlizzCon 2017 this weekend that I am looking forward to. I would love to one day be able to attend one in person, however, I am thankful for the Blizzard Virtual Ticket. The Virtual Ticket allows you to either live stream the event, or go back and watch it at your own leisure.

This year’s Virtual Ticket has expanded the options available for the viewer. Along with some of the in-game goodies you can get, there are expanded stages to view. Plus, due to the time difference it may be difficult to watch everything live. This year you can now stream all past content for up to a month after the end of BlizzCon. Previously it was only two weeks, now you have a lot more time to view any of the content you want to see.

Will you be ordering the BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket? Are you looking forward to the announcements from the various games? Which games are you interested in the most? What is your favourite part of BlizzCon? Are you excited to see Muse play the Closing Ceremonies? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.