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Besaid Island Theme – Nobuo Uematsu

Okay it’s hump day. Chill out! I have you covered with the perfect music! It is all going to be okay! Ignore the random monster attacks; we need those for early grinding. No we are chilling out on the beaches of Besaid. This is the ‘Besaid Island Theme’ from Nobuo Uematusu. It’s our track of […]

Forgotten Childhood: Final Fantasy X

Following on from last week’s Forgotten Childhood, Final Fantasy 9, let’s take a look at Final Fantasy X. Over 15 years since the original release, Square Enix was kind enough to bring out a HD Remaster of both Final Fantasy X and X-2. I have been binging my way through X for the last few weeks, determined to get every […]

Banjo Guy Ollie: To Zanarkand Cover

It’s not even funny how much we needed to hear this music today! Banjo Guy Ollie tackles probably one of the most iconic and highly regarded pieces of music from the Final Fantasy series and from the video game industry overall, ‘To Zanarkand’, from Final Fantasy X.  Just prepare yourself for goosebumps and enjoy! Declan […]

Boss Rush: Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X)

There’s a joke in here somewhere about Seymour “You mean you want to see less?” Guado. I know you remember him. You would have had to kick his ass at four separate occasions to progress the story of Final Fantasy X, so it’d be difficult not to recall his irritating little voice, perpetually resting bitch face or seriously creeper […]

Boss Rush: The One-Hit Killers

We are a community of nitpicks, we are very particular about the way our games should play. Rewards are to be showered upon us when we have mastered all the skills required to be an expert, a logical extension of the notion that “The greater effort I put in, the further I will progress”. Frustration in gaming can […]

High Score: Final Fantasy X

Well we all knew it was coming in some form or another. When you embark on a voyage to discover the mysterious lands of video game music, it’s pretty much inevitable that Final Fantasy will be one, or several, or all of your destinations at some point. Easily the most popular, most internationally recognized and […]

Final Fantasy X – 10th Anniversary

Exactly ten years ago today (we got it one day after it’s release) our journey to Zanarkand began and whether you love or hate the game, Final Fantasy X has become one of the most played in the series and one of the most popular RPG’s on the PlayStation 2. We’re major fans of it […]