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Boss Rush: The One-Hit Killers


We are a community of nitpicks, we are very particular about the way our games should play. Rewards are to be showered upon us when we have mastered all the skills required to be an expert, a logical extension of the notion that “The greater effort I put in, the further I will progress”.
Frustration in gaming can come as a byproduct of feeling hindered despite our best efforts. Developers often toy around with A.I to best create a challenging difficult. One such trope they use is “The One-Hit Kill”. A trope of which can lead to a sensation of being cheated out of a win. You have built up your character and honed your skills only to be instantly killed in one short move! For me, this weeks Boss Rush is not merely a list of frustrating “One-Hit Kill” bosses, it is also a fond look at challenges that exceed the boundaries of the standard boss formula.

*Spoiler Warning*

Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out (NES)

It should hardly be surprising that the titular character of this game happens to be the strongest one.
Punch Out for the NES is one of those old school games that is tough initially but once you get into a rhythm of learning an opponent’s weakness – it becomes second nature to you. You play the vivacious Little Mac, boxing a reputation for yourself right up to the big leagues. Each fight sees you employing counter punches, super punches with ducking and weaving to evade your opponents.
Glass Joe shatters early on. Bald Bull sees red after a quick recollection of his repertoire. 1914433-mike_tyson_s_punch_out____e___prg1_____.000King Hippo exposes his belly with ample opportunity for gut punches. Patterns emerge that must be remembered to succeed. This formula carries you to the brutal finish with famous boxer, Mike Tyson. The bell rings and survival mode needs to kick in instantly!
For 90 seconds, Mike Tyson will throw nothing, but one hit K.O punches. Hardcore players who make it past this point are greeted by an ever-changing pattern of jabs and upper-cuts that are different each time you play.
Notoriously known as one of the hardest boss fights ever, Iron Mike hits an iron strike.

Selvaria – Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)

The underrated Valkyria Chronicles for the Playstation 3 is a unique turn based RPG that is akin to the look of a watercolour painting when it is in motion. The breathtaking visual flair on show glosses the widely ambitious story that puts you in the role of a neutral nation in the crossfire of war, Europa is the fictional setting of the game loosely based on Europe.

The infantry at your command are that of Gallia. In terms of combat, the game serves well as a virtual chess board of warfare that dares the player to strategically think outside the box to outwit their opponents. The unit of pawns at your disposal are only as formidable as you make them, but even the best can admit that the odds just don’t always stack in your favor – as is the case when encountering Selvaria.
Her alias “War Witch” should give you an idea of what you are dealing with. Enemy units in Valkyria Chronicles each have a coded field of vision. Selvaria’s field of vision happens to extend out beyond the traditional rules of the game. When battling her, you’ll notice that she has the range of a sniper rifle despite using an assault weapon, this makes for a troublesome fight. Additionally, the leverage for the fight is firmly twisted to her favor in terms of positioning. Effectively, She has higher ground, better accuracy and far superior range to you.
Selvaria’s title as commander is well-earned.

Henry – No More Heroes (Wii)

Congrats! Travis Touchdown has battled his way to the top in a hack and slash affair to become the number one assassin in the world. The goal has been realized and the game should come to its natural conclusion. Alas for our hero the day is not over just yet. It seems a good assassin should be willing to defend his ranking.
The final battle of No More Heroes for Nintendo Wii sees a valiant crowned champion face off against an overpowered belligerent Irishman.tumblr_inline_ngdspjM6EF1rdq36x
The head to head duel takes place in a parking lot outside of a hotel. The setting is untypical for a boss fight and the music does naught to add any kind of intensity to it. It is fortunate to the player that the drab nature of the surroundings does not affect the stellar gameplay the series is known for. With every combo and saber strike in your arsenal, you face Henry blow to blow. His style is almost identical to your main character, Travis.
One notable catch to Henry is his devious posturing throughout the encounter. Bosses in video games have a tendency to take rest stances as an indicator that it is time to attack. When Henry does what appears to be a rest stance, he is actually lulling you into a false sense of security for his ultimate move. It’s a One-Hit Kill.

Fenrir – Final Fantasy 10 (PS2)

The monster arena in Final Fantasy 10 is an often forgotten feature that graciously gives those who have “maxed” out their characters a sense of futility. FF10 for the PS2 introduces these optional monster brawls in the area known as the calm lands.Bandersnatch
This section is denoted for providing many of the most difficult battles in the entire game. These sideshow fights are a requirement if you wish to get the strongest weapons in the game. To the mind of a purist, they are a must for one hundred percent completion. One such monster among this spectacle of ferocious fiends is Fenrir.
His appearance is that of a regular enemy you will spot early in Final Fantasy 10. Deceptive looks are traditional staple in these types of RPGs. The wily wolf has an attack known as “Fangs of Hell” that is an instant death for any character or summon that you can muster. Fenrir is a meddlesome mutt, but he can be felled given the right strategy. A tricky one for first time players that is comparatively irritating by virtue of his low-level appearance.
Just don’t get me started on the Dark Aeons… oh wait…

Dark Aeons – Final Fantasy 10 (PS2)

Pick one. Any of them. These frightful alternate versions of your summoned beings will dispatch you in one short round. I’ll remain tight-lipped on my thoughts about these otherworldly deities for now as a full edition of Boss Rush will devoted to them shortly.
There are of course other Instant Death moves out there, but I have limited my selections to the ones that personally affected me the most. How about you? Comment down below an instance where enemy has killed you in a single move.
Whether it be an assault by Pyramid Head or a mauling by Nemesis, It’s a safe assumption that “One-Hit Killers” are a mainstay in the scene at this point. Whilst they may be frustrating; it is important to remember that the greater the challenge faced, the more satisfying it is when it is conquered!