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5 Geeky Things To Do On Rainy Days

Rain Rain Go Away… A rainy day? Perfect time to catch up on some time in front of the TV and tackle that mountain of half finished video games! Or! Or you could do something a little different! Forget about the binge watch/marathon on Netflix and do something a little different… Start A New Book […]

Gaming Art Books You Didn’t Know You Needed

Clear some space on those book shelves! We’re talking gaming art books! We’re having this conversation because Blizzard are after announcing an Overwatch book. There will be two versions both featuring stunning cocept designs and visuals for the game with notes from the team! A standard edition for the budget conscious and a special collectors edition […]

The Dark Tower Gets Delayed… AGAIN

I swear, Sony must be a subsidiary of Sombra Corporation! I say this because The Dark Tower got pushed back again. And for The Emoji Movie of all things! However, this time it’s only a week (from July 28th to August 4th) so that’s a small consolation. It’s not the first time this has happened. […]

Rogue One Sequel Novel Will Be Named Inferno Squad

Anyone who saw Rogue One wouldn’t be surprised at LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s announcement that the film was a standalone project. The movie’s conclusion stressed the self-contained nature of the story, leaving little room for a sequel. Nevertheless, a sequel (or a midquel if we’re counting A New Hope) is due for release in novel form. […]