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Rogue One Sequel Novel Will Be Named Inferno Squad

Rogue One Sequel Novel Will Be Named Inferno Squad


Anyone who saw Rogue One wouldn’t be surprised at LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s announcement that the film was a standalone project. The movie’s conclusion stressed the self-contained nature of the story, leaving little room for a sequel. Nevertheless, a sequel (or a midquel if we’re counting A New Hope) is due for release in novel form. The book, named Inferno Squad, will follow the immediate aftermath of Rogue One from an imperial perspective.

Written by Christie Golden, the book’s plot description reads as follows:

You don’t steal plans to the Death Star without making the Empire angry. We’ll learn how angry very soon. The Rebellion may have heroes like Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker. But the Empire has Inferno Squad. After the humiliating theft of the Death Star plans and the resulting destruction of the battle station, the Empire is on the defensive. In response to this stunning defeat, the Imperial Navy has authorized the formation of an elite team of soldiers, known as Inferno Squad. Their mission: infiltrate and eliminate the remnants of Saw Gerrera’s Partisans. Following the death of their leader, the Partisans have carried on his extremist legacy, determined to thwart the Empire — no matter what the cost. Now, Inferno Squad must prove their status as the best of the best and take down the Partisans from within. 

The plot sounds like it will overlap with the events of A New Hope as the plans make their way to Tatooine. Furthermore, the novel may develop on the beliefs of Saw Gerrera. The grizzled old cyborg’s extremism could have used a little more fleshing out on the big screen. Additionally, I’m interested in seeing the beginning of the series from the Empire’s point of view. Before the plans were stolen, the Galactic Empire was probably not accustomed to losing often. The theft of the plans puts them on the defensive; an unfamiliar sensation for the Empire. Hopefully, this offers the chance to explore the empire’s shaken confidence in the aftermath of Rogue.

While it won’t be hitting cinemas, the sequel will tide us over until The Last Jedi releases in December. I mean, more Star Wars content is never a bad thing. Ultimately, I hope if we get more Vader action. I REALLY hope he makes more puns about choking. It’s unlikely, but rebellions ARE built on hope.

The book will be released on July 25th 2017.