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Batgirl DLC For Arkham Knight On PC Hit By Delays

Batman: Arkham Knight has had a rather turbulent launch on PC, shall we say. Okay, less ‘turbulent’ and more ‘colossal storm of failure’ but you get the idea. After being pulled from digital store shelves to fix the unforgiveably broken port, Gary Schaal, VP of Game Technology at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has announced that […]

Interview: Troy Baker

At ArcadeCon we had the opportunity to sit down with actor and musician Troy Baker to discuss his career and what it’s like to voice some of the most memorable and popular characters in video games today. A big shoutout to the wonderful team over at Hello Deer Media. They are the amazing folk behind this […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Character Poster Released

A new character poster for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released featuring Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred was the man servant of young Bruce’s, Martha and Thomas Wayne, before their murder. As he was responsible for raising their son, Bruce, Alfred became more of a father figure to the boy who eventually became Gotham’s dark protector. […]