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Batgirl DLC For Arkham Knight On PC Hit By Delays

Batgirl DLC For Arkham Knight On PC Hit By Delays


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Batman: Arkham Knight has had a rather turbulent launch on PC, shall we say. Okay, less ‘turbulent’ and more ‘colossal storm of failure’ but you get the idea. After being pulled from digital store shelves to fix the unforgiveably broken port, Gary Schaal, VP of Game Technology at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has announced that the Batgirl: A Matter of Family downloadable content pack will not be available until the game is ready to be relaunched in a post on the game’s Steam page.
The full post is as follows:
“Our continued focus on getting the right PC fixes in place for the main game has had an impact on the development of all DLC content for the PC version of the game. This means that the Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC will not be available on July 14 for those who are currently playing the PC version of the game. We apologize for the delay and only want to make sure that any content that we offer is up to the standards that PC players expect.”
Developers Rocksteady Games are rolling out updates to players who already own the game while it works with its developers, Nvidia and AMD, to resolve the issues plaguing the port before making the game available for purchase again, presumably along with the Batgirl DLC.
What are your thoughts on Arkham Knight‘s issues? Did you get burned by the sorry state of the PC port? Do you think WBIE should give out the Batgirl DLC for free as compensation for the issues with the game’s launch? Let us know in the comments!