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HBO’s Watchmen Gets New Trailer

The highly anticipated HBO adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen, has gotten a teaser trailer. The original Watchmen was set in an alternative history, where superheroes were once participated in national and global conflicts, but are now treated as criminals in the eyes of the law. A masked vigilante named Rorschach, discovers a plan of corruption […]

The Killing Joke – Reread

You’ve all heard of The Killing Joke in some shape or form by now. If not, please consult your physician, because you are likely clinically dead. For those of you not in the loop, (Seriously, get yourselves checked.) The Killing Joke was written in 1988 by Alan Moore and received immediate critical acclaim. It also got the Bruce Timm treatment this past week with […]

How Batman V Superman Fails Its Heroes

[Warning: Full Spoilers For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, The Dark Knight Returns And The Death Of Superman] There’s no 100% right way to interpret an existing comic book character. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice acknowledges this, like predecessor Man of Steel, by being largely its own establishing shot of some of DC’s […]