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Malcolm Merlyn Set To Appear In Other DC TV Shows

10John Barrowman made us all hate him when he played the villainous Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow. The character has since changed, though he is still firmly entrenched in villain territory. Shortly, this villain will be wreaking havoc outside of Star City. Barrowman has signed a deal with The CW to bring Merlyn to all three of […]

‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’ – Two Steps From Hell – Track Of The Day

Two Steps From Hell never cease to amaze. A production music company based in LA, they have been scoring movies, games, and trailers for ten years now. Even if you didn’t realise it, you’ll have heard their music before. They’ve had tracks in everything from Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and even X-Men. This track comes […]

Top 7 Fictional Bromances

Ah yes. The bromance. Defined perhaps best by Turk and JD in a song for the ages, ‘Guy Love‘. There’s something inherently endearing about this unique relationship in fiction. And a theme of ‘sidekicks’ was all the excuse I needed to compile a list of my favourite bromances in fiction. 7. Cole and Zeke (inFamous) Man, […]

‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ – Randy Newman – Track Of The Day

With a theme of ‘sidekicks’ for the day, there were a fair few choices open to me. How many songs deal with friendship and being there for someone else? More than enough! But as much as that could be argued, there was only one real choice. Randy Newman‘s 1995 classic, ‘You’ve Got A Friend In […]

Twin Peaks Novel Reveals TV Series Plot

Twin Peaks is coming back with a possible Q2 2017 release and anticipation is high. The show, which ran from 1990-1991 has amassed quite the cult following. And that following can’t wait to get back to Dale Cooper and company next year. Last month, co-creator Mark Frost read an excerpt from a tie-in novel he is writing. The […]

Scream Queens Recruits Taylor Lautner

Scream Queens debuted last year with a pilot airing on the 22nd September. The response has been fairly mixed, with a score of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite this, ratings soared high enough to warrant a second season. Set to air on the 20th September, news of the changes fans can expect are coming. Including the addition […]

Now You See Me – Screen Savers

Michael Caine was in two movies that centred around stage magicians. One of those is a contemporary masterpiece, and one of Christopher Nolan‘s best works. Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, The Prestige is one of my personal cinematic highlights of the last decade. Michael Caine‘s other magician centred movie, Now You See Me, made […]

In Defence Of… Robin Hood (2006)

Some tales really have stood the test of time. “It still holds up today” we say, or “It was ahead of its time.” It takes something altogether more remarkable to cement itself into legend however. Such a tale is Robin Hood. Do you see how happy Robin and his men are in that picture? That’s the […]

Stargate Reboot From Scratch Confirms Emmerich

Stargate is up there with the largest sci-fi franchises today. The 1994 movie that started it all, aptly titled Stargate and written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. It led the way for the hugely successful Stargate SG-1, which ran for a whopping 214 episodes. That show in turn led to three more spin-off, those being […]

Promotional Stills Released For Game Of Thrones Episode Nine

Game of Thrones has had a stellar season 6 for the most part, fueling Monday morning conversations in every office, car, and home. With two more episodes to go until the end of this season, resolutions are starting to appear. After all, there’s only fifteen more episodes before the show wraps for good! The show […]