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Shrek 2 – Forgotten Childhood

When thinking about what this week’s article should be about, Shrek 2 came to mind immediately. Mostly because I just watched it two weeks ago. This idea was swiftly followed by the realisation that this was released during my teenage years. A quick google search revealed that this movie is twelve years old guys! Twelve! […]

More Details On Gotham’s Poison Ivy Released

The super-powerless Batman battles plenty of super powered villains, and among them is the plant loving Poison Ivy. With season 3 of Gotham due to return next month, Poison Ivy has undergone a rather speedy growth spurt. Maggie Geha is taking on the mantle of the iconic and grown up character in Season 3. She and […]

7 School-Day Crazes We Miss

Alright, so your school probably wasn’t as grand as Hogwarts. Or as fun. What with the uniforms. Exams. Homework. There’s several reasons not to ever want to enter those dark halls again. There was good times too though. It was in these years that we became book-reading, game-playing, show-watching, con-going awesome people. Cast your mind […]

Heroes Behind Heroes – Sidekicks Gallery

Sidekicks in fiction are endlessly endearing. They commit to see the hero through their goal. They provide a lot of the comedy. And they usually get none of the credit. This gallery is devoid of so-called heroes. But full of the real heroes of their respective stories. The stellar sidekicks. Noel Gleeson

Playstation’s Powers TV Series Cancelled

What is it? Netflix ushered in a new era of binge watching content with their trail-blazing work with original programming. That Amazon followed in their wake with it’s own library of original programming is utterly unsurprising. More surprising is that PlayStation followed suit as well.The company debuted their first (and only) original series, Powers, in March […]

‘So Much’ – Newton Faulkner – Track Of The Day

It’s Tuesday, and I figured you’d all be getting over the Monday blues. I thought to myself that we can’t be having that. So I’m bringing you a heartbreaking song for today’s track of the day – ‘So Much’ by Newton Faulkner. For the uninitiated, Newton Faulkner is an English artist who is phenomenally talented. […]

Divergent Series To Transition To Small Screen

Veronica Roth has made a household name for herself with her debut novel, Divergent. Published in 2011, the novel was quickly picked up for a movie adaptation. The first movie, Divergent, released in March 2014 and performed well at the box office. Its sequel, Insurgent, also performed well at the box office. Despite earning less […]

The 100 To Get New Grounders In Season 4

Out of the frying pan and into the fire – That was the thought that ran through my head after seeing the season three finale of The 100. And with that ending, we’re left to wait for season four, which won’t hit our screens until 2017. We do have some news to tie us over. […]

7 Stories With Shoddy Starts

Yeah, well, patience is a virtue Yoda. And I am not a virtuous man. See here’s the thing – I firmly believe that a storyteller must hook you from the very first line. Or scene. Or level. Whatever the case may be. Some storytellers apparently disagree however. As more and more frequently we see a […]

Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt Has Arrived!

Yes, this post is about Star Wars. More specifically, it’s about the new Star Wars novel that has just been released. But first, for the uninitiated, let me introduce the man behind the words – Chuck Wendig. I’ve been a big fan of Chuck’s for a while now. The man writes phenomenally good fiction. He […]