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First Look at Venom Leaks!

First Look at Venom Leaks!


When Fox released the first teaser for Venom, the reaction was a bit underwhelming. Sure, all in all the fact that they didn’t show us Eric Brock in the symbiote was a good thing, but it also caused a lot of doubt. But then again, we also have to consider that it was just a teaser trailer.

But that has changed now. CinemaCon is taking place this week and Venom‘s newest trailer will premiere there. However, there has been a leak that confirms something important. Eddie Brock will have the symbiote, it will look like it did in the comic and it sounds nothing like how Topher Grace did on Spider-Man 3 (his growls were pathetic in that film). I’m not going to lie, hearing him say “We are Venom” gave me chills.

No idea how long this will be up, or if Sony’s releasing the trailer after CinemaCon. Hopefully they will, because this small snippet has skyrocketed my enthusiasm for Venom. I now need to hear Tom Hardy saying something about eating someone’s brains and I’ll be fully on board. I wonder about the symbiote though, because it doesn’t look like it will have been bound to Spidey. And Sony has gone on record saying that they want to build a franchise around Venom, crossing over with Spider-Man at certain times.

We’ll just have to wait until October to see how it goes down!