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Flix On Fleek – What We’ve Been Watching This Week

Flix On Fleek – What We’ve Been Watching This Week


Hi, welcome to Flix on Fleex. In this section we’ll talk about what kind of shows we’ve been watching on Netflix lately.

Right now I’m in Spain and that means that some of the things I’ve been watching might not be available in Ireland yet but, without further ado, this is some of the stuff I’ve been watching lately.

Ash vs Evil Dead

There’s only one word to define this show, and I will quote Ashley J. Williams himself for that: ‘Groovy!’

Ash vs Evil Dead is a follow-up to the Evil Dead series (although for some weird contractual issue the show ignored Army of Darkness, at least until season two). It follows Ash as he accidentally raises the deadites with the Necronomicon and he tries to fix it. But this time he isn’t alone, because he has his former co-workers Pablo and Kelly helping him.

Just the idea of having Bruce Campbell back on TV, and playing his signature character, was good enough. But this show also has Lucy Lawless so that makes it even more of a must. Hopefully it will appear on Netflix Ireland at some point because you guys are really missing out!

Designated Survivor

This show was quite a surprise for me, especially because I didn’t think it’d become a Netflix Original (at least everywhere bar the US). Right now I’m watching season two and I’m enjoying it.

It starts when Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development becomes the designated survivor the night of the State of the Union speech. There’s an attack in the Capitol and everyone in the line of succession dies, making him the new President of the United States.

Kirkman is a milquetoast and unassuming guy, and because he had an unimportant position he gets treated with a lot of doubt and hostility so he tries his best to navigate the situation. While uncovering the conspiracy that led to the Capitol bombing.

I had my doubts with this show, mostly because repeated viewings of 24 make me struggle with believing that Kiefer Sutherland could play a meek and soft-spoken person. This role is the opposite of Jack Bauer, though there are times he brings a Jack Bauer fierceness to the character that’s suitable. As a character, Kirkman is constantly underestimated and he uses that to his advantage.

The Sinner

I started this show recently, and while it’s short I haven’t finished it yet, mostly because how uneasy it makes me.

This show starts when a woman called Cora (Jessica Biel) murders a man on a beach, with plenty of witnesses. There’s nothing that could explain why, Cora was there with her husband and son and she didn’t know the man. She doesn’t deny committing the crime either. So it should be an open and shut type of thing, although there’s a police detective who is more concerned about why this happened and wants to find out.

I’ve only managed to watch the first episode. This is definitely not a show you can binge on. There’s something that feels oppressing about it, and I guess that’s part of the appeal.

Jessica Biel steals the show though. She’s one of the producers and that’s a move that worked for her. She moved on to producing because she wanted to developed her own projects with interesting roles. She has certainly struck gold with this one!

Well, that’s all for this first edition of Flix on Fleek! What have you been watching this week?