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Whatchu’ Doin… Julie?

Whatchu’ Doin… Julie?


I’m fast approaching the end of my first month of college, which has been hectic to say the least. So, what have I been doing? Aside from going crazy that is? Well, that’s a very good question! Let me take you through what I have been watching, reading and playing to get me through this trying time…


I started watching Orphan Black towards the end of the summer and I found myself hooked from the start. It’s very different and it reaches some very surprisingly deep issues about identity, ethical questions about the journey science can take us and calls into question the issue of existence. Some pretty heavy stuff for what just appears to be a thriller about clones.

To be honest, when I started the show, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. And there is one consistent thing that keeps the show going in my opinion: the cast of characters are superb. The characters are both expertly acted (I must heap on every bit of praise to Tatiana Maslany, who plays not one, but five main characters, as long as a diverse range of minor clones), and are written in a style that makes each feel real. Even if the stereotypes of the clones need to be thoroughly embraced in order to get the differences across. What struck me in particular about the realistic writing in Orphan Black is that of the relationship between Sarah Manning and her foster brother, Felix. They are both amazing actors and their on-screen chemistry, along with their playfulness and the complexity of their relationship, they are my favourite on-screen siblings. Never have I seen a show to get it so right before!

That, of course, brings me to Felix himself. He’s probably my favourite character of the show, mostly because of the endless comedic humour he brings to the fold, but as well as his support for his sister and, surprisingly, Alison, one of the clones.


Unfortunately, since I’ve started back at college, I’ve had very little time to sit down and read books of my choice. Studying English will do that to you. However, when I get the chance, I dip in and out of The Wise Man’s Fear. This is the second book in Patrick Rothfuss‘ The Name of the Wind series.

Luckily for me, the book is a long one. Spanning just below 1000 pages, so I know it will be with me for a long time. When I’m busy, I love having a book like this that I can safely dip in and out of. Although its size can be a hindrance at times – I tried reading it on the bus once but the book was so heavy, I had to put it away!

The story follows Kvothe, a boy who will grow up to one day be a legend. He tells his story retrospectively to a Chronicler, who writes down the events.

I read the first book in the series over the summer, and I highly recommend it to any fantasy fan!


I don’t have any of my consoles here in college due to lack of space in my cramped apartment so playing games is hard. However, I used to play D&D back in first year and now my group has plans to get back together again. This time, I’ll be Dungeon Master so I have been doing some reading on the manuals.

While we haven’t actually started playing yet, I have been steadily working on modules, trying to comprise our new party together along with the players and have attempted to get a firm grasp on the rules – more so than I had as a player over a year ago. I’m eager to start – I already have my dice at the ready!

What are you guys up to this week? Let us know in the comments below!