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Go Spy On The Espionage Kickstarter

Go Spy On The Espionage Kickstarter


Last week I had the chance to catch up with Espionage game designer, Karishma Kusurkar. We spoke about the upcoming crowdfunding for the spy inspired card game and now it’s here. Karishma has launched the Kickstarter and you can get behind it right now!

When speaking about the game Kusurkar said that “Espionage is intended to be an active game where players are seeking to be the sole player to win the game and to disrupt the game play of others during the journey, so the more involved they get the better!

The Kickstarter will run for the next 26 days and is aiming for £3,500. Rewards are available ranging from art prints, t-shirts as well copies of the game. High end rewards will yield bundles of smaller rewards and even personalised character cards. In an addition to the main goal, stretch goals will take the game from max 8 players to 10 and 12 players.

For more information on the Kickstarter and throw your support behind this spy card game, click here!