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Ridley Scott Wants More Alien Films

Ridley Scott Wants More Alien Films


Alien: Covenant won’t be out for a couple of months and Ridley Scott is already thinking about a sequel.

In an interview with the Sidney Morning Herald (he’s currently shooting in Australia) Scott says that Covenant will be a return to the classic horror of Alien. He also states that he sees it as a series of films that lead to the original Alien. 

The interesting thing is that he says there’s a script for another movie ready. And that he’s willing to take that on next year. His plan would be for three films but if they let him, he’d make six.

I’m not sure how to feel about this; while I didn’t hate Prometheus, it could’ve been more than it was. I think that Ridley Scott should take a backseat and let other people in on the fun, especially considering Neil Blomkamp had plans for a proper sequel. But then again, letting other people in on the fun got us Alien 3 and Resurrection. And Neil Blomkamp also directed Chappie.

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