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Navigators And Their Fighters – Style Saturday

Navigators And Their Fighters – Style Saturday


Just like I mentioned in today’s Track Of The Day, the amazing BL sci-fi webcomic Starfighter came back from its six month hiatus this week, and I’m beyond excited to see the action, angst, and smut romance, that Chapter 5 is bound to be chock full of!

Within the Starfighter universe, there are two types of soldiers within the Federated Alliance: Navigators, and Fighters.



Simplicity is a key feature for both Navigators and Fighters, and while both are essentially “space soldiers”, they’re both extremely different. Navigators are in charge of piloting their ships, and are usually cool, calm and collected, or so they need to be since one wrong move could mean not only the loss of their own life, but also the life of their partnered Fighter. Both the Navigator’s uniform and flight suit are simple and sleek, a crisp shade of white with minimal decoration or colour beyond grey and orange. A fun fact however! Since most of the comic is coloured in greyscale, as well as a few muted blues, fans only learned of the Navigator’s orange uniform accents from some extra official art by Hamlet!



Now I have nothing against Navigators, but I’m all about the Fighters! As their name suggests, Fighters, uhh, fight! Now technically they’re only meant to be in charge of operating the guns of their ships, but Fighters are known for fighting each other and showing who is the most powerful and dominant. Fighters are usally hot headed and quick to talk back or throw the first punch, and some are often found having fighting contests in the lower levels of their base ship, much to their commander’s dismay. Unlike their Earth born counterparts, most Fighters are from the Colonies on Mars, and have prior run ins with law enforcement. It’s good to note that not all Fighters are general brutes and top tier A-holes, some are just misunderstood, come from a bad background, or simply didn’t pass the test to become a Navigator.
Much like the Navigator’s limited colour palette, Fighter’s uniforms are simple and black, or dark shade of grey, while their flight suits are entirely black, making them sleek, sexy and leaving very little to the imagination!


You can catch up with your favourite Navigator and Fighter teams over at starfightercomic.com where shit is about to hit the fan! And why not binge read Chapter 1 to 4 while you wait for the newest page to be released next week!