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LucasArts Wish List – Geek Goodies

LucasArts Wish List – Geek Goodies


This won’t be the last time I say this, but I love point and click games. Playing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I was a small kid shaped my life in many ways. And to this day a lot of LucasArts adventures are still some of my favourites!

So, for this article I racked my brain about what items I could feature here. I don’t really shop online (most of my money goes towards ebooks or food) but I thought I could pick some items inspired by the games I loved growing up. Unfortunately there aren’t any leather jackets like the one Indy wears!

LeChuck T-shirt

When I saw this t-shirt on Qwertee I knew I had to get it, because I love Monkey Island. To this day this is one of my favourite t-shirts, partly because of the cool label design but also because the fact that it isn’t a black t-shirt confuses my mother.

It’s still available on the Qwertee store, it’s a bit more expensive than the daily tees but it’s still worth it.

Manny Calavera Necklace

Manny Calavera is the protagonist of Grim Fandango. A couple of years ago I was watching a video by my favourite YouYuber (Pushinguproses) and I noticed that she was wearing this necklace.

After some internet sleuthing I reached the website of Maya Pixelskaya, who made this necklace and more LucasArts inspired coolness. In an example of how small the world is, turns out she’s a friend of a friend (if you read this, hi Santiago!).

I still haven’t bought this, but one day I will.


Well, not quite.

I figured that since you can find anything on the internet, that there might be someone making rubber chickens with pulleys in the middle.

I looked everywhere for them, because you never know when you might need a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

Didn’t find any. Only found this cool pin.

There’s an alarming lack of chicken rubbers with pulleys in the middle, someone should do something.

Any similar items on your wish list? Let us know in the comments!