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“You’re Welcome” – Dwayne Johnson – Track of The Day

“You’re Welcome” – Dwayne Johnson – Track of The Day


People who know me might tell you I have a little bit of an ego. Of course, I’ll tell you I’m as humble as I am brilliant and beautiful but I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion! Also, recently I’ve caught up to the Moana craze. I thought the movie was great, in particular the chicken, Heihei was my favourite. However, the song that’s been getting stuck in my head the most has definitely been ‘You’re Welcome’ sung by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

If you haven’t seen the film,(firstly, go see it!) I’ll give you a quick summary. This song is the demi-god Maui bragging about everything he’s ever done for humans. Of course, it’s just an act to distract Moana so he can steal her boat, but still! It’s a pretty impressive CV all the same!

The song was written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame, and it’s definitely inserted itself into my gaming playlist. For every play of the game I’ve gotten in Overwatch lately, I can’t help but break into the chorus of this song. “Oh, hey, look! I killed 5 people and won the game. What can I saaaay except you’re welcome!” 

When it becomes too much, I’ll schedule myself for an ego deflation, until then, let’s just enjoy this fun little tune with a healthy dose of narcissism.