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Trying To Decide On A Halloween Costume – Gif Essay

Trying To Decide On A Halloween Costume – Gif Essay


Halloween is only 21 days away and as much as I promised myself that I would be prepared yet again I am still trying to decide on what to dress up as.

As a cosplayer I tend to avoid wearing my cosplays as costumes so I make a new costume pretty much every year. Yes I am a glutton for punishment.

Deciding on a costume however is torture! As many people can attest to the following:

Being unable to decide on a costumes


Every year there are popular costumes making the rounds. This year belongs to the clown but wanting to stick out has it’s cons too. Nowhere has anything remotely resembling what you want.

Finally deciding on a costume….


The glorious moment when you decide on a costume makes you feel like a bit more like you have your things together.


……then changing it because someone suggested a group costume


After telling your friends about your costume someone always has the idea to do a group cosplay that needs you all involved.

Trying to get the group all on the same page



Trying to get everyone on the same starts making you question your friendships.

People start to cancel but it’s cool ……


Group members start dropping out of the project. Usually last minute.


…..You were working on your costumes the whole time


You have done plenty of group projects to know where that could end up so you had a contingency plan.

Halloween finally arrivesgiphy-5

When it is finally arrives, you walk into the room in a costume that you slayed and the heavens open and you hear a chorus of yaaaaas.