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4 Worlds We Want To See In Kingdom Hearts 3

4 Worlds We Want To See In Kingdom Hearts 3


No one knows true gaming torture like a Kingdom Hearts fan awaiting even a scrap of news for the third instalment of the franchise, not a spin off game or the like, the actual Kingdom Hearts 3.

Since the initial announcement that the game was in production back in 2013 we have been getting drips and drabs of whats to come. The game is so immense with characters and worlds that we can only use our imaginations of what is to come with the third instalment of the series.

Now we already know that there will be a world based on the Tangled film, Olympus from Hercules (again) and Big Hero 6 is making an appearance but what else can we expect? Here are some of the worlds I hope are going to make their debut:

4. MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe


Could Sora and crew team up with the Avengers to take on a new heartless foe set on destroying a real world city? Or we could be transported to Asgard to aid Thor and the Asgardians?

It is a long shot given the reception the last few live action worlds that have been added to the mix of Kingdom Hearts! Dare we remember The Pirates of the Caribbean world? Perhaps we could see a more comic book style version of our heroes thrown into the mix.

There are so many possibilities within the MCU to embrace and make bring the Kingdom Hearts franchise to a new high. Something interesting could be to integrate the whole gummi ship side of things and The Guardians of the Galaxy space based story!

Can’t a Kingdom Hearts fan dream?!

3. Star Wars

Admittedly I am not the biggest Star Wars fan! I am also one of the first to admit it is one of the most intense franchises to ever exist! So imagine that world now as part of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

Like with the MCU there are so many things that could be used for the Star Wars based world, imagine the Death Star being the world our heroes land on?

Being such a story and action driven series itself there is so much scope for them to play with, pun intended but same as the MCU based world it might be a better idea to use the animated world of Star Wars then the live action but we believe in the force here and cannot wait to see the brains of the operation to work their magic.

2. Pixar – Toy Story, WALL-E, Monsters Inc & Finding Nemo/Dory

Pixar has not made its debut in the worlds of Kingdom Hearts. Totally shocking since they are massive films!

How amazing would it be to explore some of those worlds? Running around with Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story where Sora and crew become toy versions of themselves! Help WALL-E clean the trash of planet earth and some heartless while we are at it and stop the corruption of monsters hearts in Monsters Inc with your new partners Mike and Sully.

It’s been confirmed that we will only see new worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. So no Atlantica from The Little Mermaid will not be making an appearance. Why not replace the under the sea fun with the world wide smash Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?

There are so many things that could happen within the Pixar universe that could replace some of the Disney worlds that are taking a break.

1. Wreck-It-Ralphwreck_it_ralph_by_xelku9-d5eo2xn

I know this will probably never actually happen but… How amazing would it be to have a
world in the next instalment?

Jumping from game to game in the arcade or protecting Fix-it-Felix Jr. No wait; how about racing in Sugar Rush? There are some options, this would be a fantastic attribute to Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s the world I want the most out of any of the newer Disney releases.

Frozen can let it any chances of being a KH3 world go! Clearly Wreck-It-Ralph is the better choice.

Obviously there are plenty more possibilites for worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know what you would like to see in the comments below!