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Gamescom 2016: Playstation VR

Gamescom 2016: Playstation VR


Not much has been made public about the Playstation VR. Ever since it’s unveiling as Project Morpheus in 2014, gamers have been curious about what to expect from the technology. Now, with the release date just around the corner, The Arcade has finally gotten a chance to try it out at Gamescom 2016.

I queued for a long time to try the Playstation VR. When I finally got in I was shown a game called Rigs. The basic gyst of this game is a kind of sport involving mechs and lots of weapons. You basically run around an arena collecting powerups and shooting down enemies until you can throw yourself into the goal. It was pretty fun as a pick-up game, but perhaps it wasn’t the best game for me to be introduced to.

You see, like many unfortunate gamers, I suffer from motion sickness in certain games. FPS games are a nightmare if i’m playing for more than an hour. And Oculus games are hit and miss in the best of situations. However, when it came to the Playstation VR, everything got so much worse. Don’t get me wrong, Oculus games can leave me a bit light headed and uncomfortable. But after 10 minutes playing Rigs, I felt physically drained. I had to rush to the nearest open fire exit and get fresh air as quickly as possible lest I ruin a very expensive piece of equipment.

Perhaps it was the game I was playing, there was a lot of running around and action happening. Plus the set up for Rigs required you to move your head for the camera, and move your body with the sticks, causing a disconnect between your head and virtual body. But from that experience, I can’t possibly condone a €300 expense on the PS VR. If you are in any way inclined towards motion sickness, steer clear or try before you buy!