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‘Future Club’ – Perturbator – Track of the Day

‘Future Club’ – Perturbator – Track of the Day


I will admit it. I have a weakness for synths. I’m a sucker for music that sounds like it was lifted straight out of a John Carpenter movie. You see examples of that on movie soundtracks like Drive‘s but mostly on video game soundtracks like Farcry: Blood Dragon, or both Hotline Miami games.

Hotline Miami has brought me lots of anger and frustration, but the amazing soundtrack introduced me to Perturbator. He was the gateway that led me to other musicians like Carpenter Brut or GUNSHIP but I always end up coming back to him.

The song in question is part of his of his third album, Dangerous Days. It also appeared on Hotline Miami 2 and the pilot episode of Limitless. And if that isn’t enough, the bonus CD for his latest album includes an 8-bit remix that I’m also including. Consider it a bonus for your ears!

The legends say that Perturbator is half man, half synthesizer. After listening to tracks like these on repeat I’m inclined to agree that the legends are true. Perturbator is the nom de guerre of French musician James Kent. He played guitar for several black metal bands, which explains why he has the heaviest synths you might hear.

You can get his music on Bandcamp for as much as you want to pay.