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Brian Blessed Wants to Be the Next Doctor

Brian Blessed Wants to Be the Next Doctor


Over 50 years after refusing the role of the Doctor (he would have been the second Doctor, a role occupied by Patrick Troughton,) Shakespearean actor, Blackadder star and all around great guy Brian Blessed has revealed he’s interested in playing the part after current Doctor Peter Capaldi. 

Blessed appeared as King Yrcanos in Colin Baker era episode Mindwarp and was slated to play Odin in season 9 episode The Girl Who Died until ill-health forced him to decline.

Blessed has now revealed he’d leap and the chance to take the role. Blessed has more than proven his impressive acting range through his extensive theater and film work. However, boasting at least twenty two years seniority over Capaldi, he would prove the oldest Doctor to date. This combined with his ill health, including a heart attack during a run of King Lear, may mean Who proves rather too much a strain for the veteran actor.

In any case, should a conflict come about over the next Doctor, we at least know that Brian Blessed is more than capable of knocking Peter Capaldi out cold.