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Desperation Day Is Here Geeks!

Desperation Day Is Here Geeks!


Ah, Valentines Day! For some, it’s a wonderful excuse for some R&R with that special someone in your life. But for others, it’s a panic inducing suck-fest that reminds you of the fact you are once again alone. It can be incredibly stressful watching all of your friends get paired off while you’re stuck having dinner, for one, so much so that you may even go to extreme measures. Hell, you might even get caught up in… Desperation Day!


For those of you just now hearing this term, Desperation Day is the day before Valentines wherein the loneliest of hearts try against all odds to find someone to hold before the clock strikes 12. However, it can be a difficult situation to navigate. You have to work  hard to show you’re available but also not come across as extremely thirsty…


Keep in mind, the following gif is a demonstration of exactly what NOT to do!


And just because you haven’t asked for their phone number is not an excuse to interrogate them for social media pages!


No! See, what Brock doesn’t seem to realise is that the dating game is all about subtlety. When looking for someone to date, the odds are that they don’t know you that well, and you have to hide your weirdness as best you can if you’re going to get through this.


The first step is making sure you look as good as possible. It may involve processes that are strange and scary to you such as eyelash curlers or moustache combs, but they will pay off… maybe.


How do you feel now? Feeling confident?


Feeling ready to ask that cute nerd boy/girl out?


Oh boy, this might take more work… Just give them a look! Something like this:

Or maybe this? For the guys?


Okay… That’s a start, I guess. Now pay them a compliment!
8nUBqbXOh dammit, you really aren’t getting this are you?

Well… we’re almost out of time… But there’s a silver lining in all this! You can spend Valentines wrapped up warm in your PJ’s, having your own kind of Netflix and Chill, and then the day after that… all the chocolate is half price!

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