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Kpop Track of the Day: Lucky J – ‘No Love’

Kpop Track of the Day: Lucky J – ‘No Love’


New find, new love. I’m probably really late to this particular party, but for my fellow rock dwellers, let me introduce the power trio of Lucky J. Consisting of Jessi (yes, badass female rapper Jessi), J-Kyun and J-Yo.

Firstly, if you know the Korean music scene at all the fact that Jessi is in this trio should indicate just how raw, powerful and badass they are.

‘No Love’ starts off with notes from the traditional Korean instrument ‘hae-geum’. The delicate and airy sounds of the hae-geum complement the trio’s rap and singing to create a hip-hop indie mixture to leave you wanting more. Definitely a must repeat.

J-Kyun acts as the main rapper in Lucky J and doesn’t disappoint. His rhymes don’t miss their target of basically killing you with the feels. The youngest member J-Yo has a Taeyang (of Big Bang) kind of feel to his singing. This guy has got a pretty unique voice, hitting those high falsetto notes and transitioning comfortably back to tenor with ease and…manliness? No other way to describe it. Finally, Jessi, honestly from the moment I heard this song I did not think it was her. I’ve gotten so used to hearing Jessi’s powerful unstoppable rap that I forgot she has a beautiful voice underneath. And that gorgeous raspy quality we’ve all come to know and love? Yeah, she can turn that on and off, so it’s kind of amazing.