Home News Game Of Thrones Season Six Poster Is A Bit Spoilery
Game Of Thrones Season Six Poster Is A Bit Spoilery

Game Of Thrones Season Six Poster Is A Bit Spoilery


[Season Five Finale Spoilers ahead!]

If Kit Harington‘s appearance in Belfast on set and apparently unresolved character arc wasn’t enough to get you suspicious about a possible return of Jon Snow, this season six poster may give you grounds to return to the subject.


After his apparent death at the hands of his fellow Night’s Watch recruits, it seemed unlikely that we’d see Ned Stark’s…illegitimate son, again. Indeed, the books have yet to reveal Jon’s ultimate fate, leaving fans of both mediums in a dilemma. Although season five introduced flashbacks as a narrative device, which may be used to see Jon again, theories about Melisandre and her order’s previously seen power of resurrection may come into this.

Harington himself all but confirmed his ongoing involvement, too, saying “Let’s just say Game of thrones will be a part of my life for quite a while.”

Indeed, blood is running down Jon’s face in the poster consistent with a wound received shortly before his apparent death. Furthermore, it is very telling that Jon’s eyes are kept in shadow for the poster. Is it possible this has been done to conceal the tell-tale blue eyes of a Wight? Is this poster just an attempt to utilize our hopes for marketing the new season? Let us know what you think in the comments!