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Gamescom 2015: Battleborn

Gamescom 2015: Battleborn


We got our hands on Battleborn by 2K at Gamescom this year and we were not disappointed in the slightest. I have only one thing to say that is bad about this game and that is that it is quite similar to Borderlands in areas and therefore doesn’t really own its own name. Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; Borderlands, after all, is an AAA title and has many fans. Therefore offering more in terms of a new concept is great, right?

Although this game is quite similar to Borderlands it is also very different in other areas. The first major difference is this game offers you 25 unique characters to play with, each with their own identities and skills. A little further down, we will take a look at 4 new characters that were revealed to us at Gamescom this year in more detail.

Another way this game differs is that, rather than being trapped on one planet, there are a few planets (Bliss, Solus, Ekkunar, Tempest, Arcfleet and Detritus ring). Each planet has its own civilisation and culture as well as it’s very own climate. For example, one planet is just full of ice while another has no gravity. Solus is also actually a giant sun that the rest of the planets revolve around. Other than this, there is not much else known about the planets and civilisations.

Battleborn has taken on the level up system that is currently seen in Evolve. This means you level your overall profile, then you level your role that you play as and finally you level up that particular character as well. This is a great way to add in a tonne of perks that you can unlock in different ways. The final note that is well worth mentioning is no character is stuck to a certain role. You are able to make an assault a support role if you are so inclined to do so. This is achieved through the level up system as well as the perks you unlock for that character.

So now let’s look at the four new characters that were announced.

Benedict: This guy/bird is known as a peace keeper. He is considered the assault role, although this is changeable in accordance to what way you level him up. Benedict has the power to control enemies for a certain amount of time. As well as this, he can fly and use guided missiles. You can also earn certain upgrades that will allow longer flight and extra powerful missiles as well as multiple missiles.

Mellka: This character is an Elder who was born in space and is highly intelligent. Mellka is mainly used for speed and heavy damage. Unlike usual Elders, her powers arsenal includes many more assault attacks as opposed to magic attacks. Some of her attacks consist of bursting spike balls and poisoned tipped daggers. As well as this, she has a very helpful skill of doubling her speed to get her out of some tight spots. This can be prolonged through the level-up system.

Ambra: This heroine is a sun-god. She is, of course, a sorcerer with very strong magical powers. Not much else has been told about this illusive character, although so far she seems the most interesting character to play with. Again, with this character you can be full-on assault in close combat or you can deal heavy damage from far away. You literally get the best of both roles.

Reyna: Finally, but by no means least, we have Reyna. Reyna is a Rogue. She can also control other players and enemies. Unlike most Rogues, she also uses a gun that deals heavy damage. Reyna is used for both assault and support roles but, as we know by now, you can totally change every aspect of that to make her something completely different.

As a final note, the main thing worth mentioning in terms of game play in the demo is that there is non stop combat just like Borderlands. This is where the comparison comes in as the play style is very similar in terms of missions, maps and enemies.  You also feel like you are playing Borderlands when in combat as the fighting style is quite similar. But overall this game is action packed and another great title by 2K. The official release date is not out yet but do stay tuned as we’re set to find out in the coming weeks.

What do you think of Battleborn? Will you be getting it on release day? Let us know in the comments below.