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Cheat Sheet: Rick And Morty

Cheat Sheet: Rick And Morty



Wubba lubba dub dub! If you’re perplexed and confused as to why and how I introduced this article, you’ve come to the right place. From the perplexing brains of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland comes Rick and Morty, an eccentric amoral alcoholic genius, Rick, and his nervous, misguided grandson, Morty, who juggle the hazards of modern life with the hazards of time/space travel!

The series aired on Adult Swim and features the voices of Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke. If you’re wondering how come you’ve never heard of it, the first season only aired last year and the second season only kicked off over the weekend just gone! tumblr_n2g9zev9O51r1fejho1_500

The summer is almost over and there is little time to binge, but don’t panic! While you catch up (and you better start watching it), the cheat sheet below will make sure you can blag your way through the most basic elements of the show, so you can keep your geek cred!


As I said above, he’s an amoral scientist with little to no regard for the lives of those around him, especially his family. Rick is a high functioning alcoholic with a mind that makes Einstein look like the kid who ate glue in the back of the classroom; from terrifying inventions to complex plans, he uses his intellect 90% of the time for his own personal gain. tumblr_n5jrmipiAk1r01cj8o2_500

Whether it’s snorting space crystals, putting small business owners in their place or manipulating school faculty to get Morty out of class, Rick’s conscience is all but missing. He does appear to like Morty, but never shows it. He also uses his daughter’s need for approval to shut his son-in-law down and he openly mocks his granddaughter Summer.

Rick is awesome!


If Rick was the dark side of the spectrum of good and evil, then Morty is the side of light. A pubescent high schooler, Morty just wants to get through life with as little fuss as possible. Too bad his grandfather has other plans!

Morty is dragged into Rick’s schemes every week and at first he’s a little reluctant, until Rick and his dubious personality begin to rub off on the impressionable teen. Morty begins to see he can use his grandfather as well and life is more fun and worthwhile when you’re being chased by demonic space vampire clones of your parents.

The Family

Rick’s daughter, Beth, is a horse surgeon; a deeply passionate woman, she feels her life could have been so much different had she not married her husband Jerry. Jerry on the other hand, is an insecure office worker. He disapproves of Rick and his relationship with Morty which often causes arguments with Beth. Summer is their first-born and the reason Beth and Jerry married after she fell pregnant in High School. Summer first comes across as a superficial social media addict teen, and she is, but she’s also wise beyond her years, having to deal with her neurotic parents. Surprisingl, she’s a little jealous of Morty and his relationship with their grandfather, but Rick refuses to bring her on adventures because she’s a woman.


Your Favourite Episodes

‘Lawnmower Dog’: While Rick and Morty attempt to incept ideas into a math teacher’s subconscious, Beth, Summer and Jerry contend with family dog, Snuffles, and his new-found hyper-intelligence and resentment. tumblr_myrfpm4CdY1rbs7nto2_500

Quote: “Where are my testicles Summer?”

‘Meseeks and Destroy’: Rick gifts the family a ‘Meseeks’ box to get them off his back, which are super helpful creatures that die after they help their creator solve problems. Too bad Jerry sucks at golf. Meanwhile Morty takes charge of a fantasy style adventure but the pair wind up in prison for colossal murder.

Quote: “I’m Mr. Meseeks, look at me!”

‘Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind’: Infinite dimensions and infinite timelines means infinite Ricks and Mortys but it turns out they’re not as cool as our Rick and Morty. A devious figure has framed Rick for murder, Rick-icide, and the pair must clear their name!

Quote: “Save your anti-Rick speech for the Council of Ricks, terror-Rick.”

Uselessful Trivia

Farscape actresses, Virginia Hey and Claudia Black, guest starred as Gazorpazorpian females.

Series creator, Justin Roiland, voices both Rick and Morty but is also known for his work as Lemongrab on Adventure Time.

Dialogue in the show is based on retro-scripting, which allows the actors to ad-lib what their characters say with certain guidelines.