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Gallery: The Fury of Mages

Gallery: The Fury of Mages


We’ve come to the end of our journey, the quest is almost complete! All this month, I’ve dedicated the theme of our galleries to the essential members of a strong and courageous adventuring party.
We’ve seen the brute strength of the warrior, the cunning strikes of the thief and the benevolence of the healer; now, the mage takes the┬ástage!
I love the black mage class; whether you refer to them as sorcerers, wizards or casters, they are furious combatants, possessing the ability to manipulate the very world around them. Twisting the elements to their will, commanding the fabric of reality and devastating the battlefield, they are terrifying.
Many would assume that the mage is weak when their opponents are on top of them, but whether they blink/teleport across the field or protect themselves with an indestructible barrier, if you face off against a sorcerer then you better come prepared.