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Gallery – Genderbend Disney

Gallery – Genderbend Disney


Ever wondered if the stories would have changed had genders been swapped? If Belle was Beau and the Beast will still a Beast but a girl (yes there was a joke to be made there but I’m trying to be professional!)? If the little mermaid was a little merman or Cruella was just Cruel?
While we might never get a chance to see these gender swapped characters on the big screen, artist, Yue Wang more prominently known as Sakimichan has at the very least given us a chance to see what could have been!
The Canadian born digital artist turns characters into their opposite while putting her own slant on their look and in some cases the new look should be permanent! (crushes on characters are perfectly normally, I mean look at man-Pocahontas and tell me I’m wrong!)

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