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Living In: Animal Crossing


Ah, welcome! New to the town? No problem at all, let me help you get settled in. I’ve written a small guide on what you can expect from this lovely town and a few tips on how to get by.
Your home:
Have you got somewhere to live? No? Not a problem. This is Mr. Nook, he can help you out. Due to his outstanding skill and seemingly infinite supplies, he can build you a house in just one night! Nope, this isn’t a joke! Somehow, he’s gotten planning permission, gathered materials, hired builders, done all the blueprints, framework and absolutely everything else in a few mere hours. You can’t pay for it? Oh, well our next section will help you out greatly, then…
Bell Tree2Income:
Wow, you really moved to a new town totally broke? Well, you’re go-getting, I’ll give you that! So, since your house is only going to cost 10,000 bells, there are a lot of ways to make a wage. See those butterflies? The white ones? They’ll fetch you 80 whole bells. Yep, that’s right, selling 125 butterflies will get you a house! What an economy! Feeling a bit adventurous? Sure, pick up a fishing rod. Sea bass are pretty common and they fetch you 200 bells! 50 fish and you have yourself a house, my friend. Because somehow, that makes sense.
Are you looking for a bigger and more extravagant life? Well, by catching and selling beetles, that’s very possible! Butterflies are merely a stepping stone, chum. Did you know that a golden beetle costs the same as a house?
Who devised this economy. Please, tell me.
By the way, there’s like… 100 bells in every second tree. Who said money doesn’t grow- yeah, you get the picture.
Oh man, that house is really bare. Looks like you need some furniture. You could buy some from the Nooklings up north or you could do the more sensible thing and go outside and shake trees. Ho ho, I remember I got my bathtub from a tree! Just give it a shake just- yep, just like that! Oh, I think I see something! Yep, it’s a kitchen st-
Ahem, sorry… must have gotten a bang on the head there. Oh, look! A kitchen stove! Good job, newbie! I remember I got my bathtub from a tree! What, I said that already? Oh, yes… perhaps I should seek medical attention? Haha, don’t be silly. We don’t have a hospital or even a doctor!
Yes, as I said, no doctor. No hospital. Don’t worry though, you can absolutely buy medicine! For the cost of  few butterflies, you can pick it up from the Nooklings! Oh look, they’re all out. That’s a shame! Oh, don’t be confused, friend, they can only sell one a day so somebody else probably bought it. A bad system? Don’t be ridiculous.
Neighbours: Ankha_NewLeaf_Official
Oh, you’re going to love them. Meet Skye, she’s a blue wolf. This is Julian, he’s a unicorn. Oh, over here we have Ankha, an ancient Egyptian cat. No, that’s not her breed, she’s literally from ancient Egypt. Humans? Nope. Not a one. Only you. It’s pretty weird, I suppose… Romance? Course you can have a romance! Why does the idea make you uncomfortable? I’ve heard of plenty of humans who have a romantic involvement with colourful ponie- Oh? I shouldn’t talk about that? Okay.
Well, you’ve seen the butterflies already, so let’s see what else there is around… Oh look, a mantis! Neat, huh? There’s a dragonfly, how pretty! Scorpion? Oh, yes. That’s a life threatening scorpion alright. Yep, that’s indeed a deadly tarantula. Where are you going? I still have more to show you!
You got yourself a shovel? Super! Dig up that crack in the ground there, see what happens. WOAH! Is that… a skull? Creepy! Just kidding! These place is full of old bones and fossils! Why are you so weirded out? Some fossils can form in only a couple of decades, so it’s no big deal. But yeah, that’s definitely a t-rex skull. What do you mean that amount of dirt covering them doesn’t match the amount of time since dinosaurs were alive?
You should probably take some time to actually chat to your neighbours. They might ask you for a favour now and then, but that’s no big deal. Hey, let’s chat to Camofrog over here. Hey, Camofrog, how are you doing? This is your new neighbour! Mhmm, just moved in! Oh, it seems he has a favour to ask you. Oh, look at that, all you have to do is go to a totally different town and get some signatures! You don’t know any other towns..? Oooh, boy. Oh, come now, Camofrog, relax! Nope, okay, he’s gone. Looks like you’ve lost him for life. Oh, he’s moving out. Well, I can’t blame him, really. That was really rude of you.
Well, that’s all the advice I have for you, newbie! I really hope you enjoy living in your new town with all your furniture trees, scorpions and no humans!