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Music Monday 22/09/2014



Edith Piaf – Padam Padam

I’m not really sure where I’m pulling this track from, I fell in love with Edith Piaf’s voice in college, a Canadian guy I met and was trying to hit on introduced me to her songs. While the love interest went nowhere with him I dipped in and out of listening to Piaf on a regular basis. The biographical film, ‘La Vie En Rose’ starring Marion Cotillard as the French Diva rekindled my interest in her music and since then I’ve kept her on my mp3 player for those times when I need a stern talk with myself.

Scissor Sisters – Return to Oz

Speaking of mp3 players I cleared out the spare room in an effort to finally unbox the final stuff from when I moved into my apartment (two years ago) and I came across an old pocket player I got for less than twenty quid. Thankfully it just took one of those generic USB heads to charge and while the screen was shot to pieces this was the last song played on it. I don’t think anyone can say they’re not a fan of the Scissor Sisters and you throw from Frank Baum inspired work into the mix and you get yourself a trippy song dedicated to one of the scariest films of my childhood.

AmaLee & LukeThomas – Guren No Yumiya (Cover)

Céire cover Anime openings yesterday and while I’ve a few of those saved into playlists, I definitely think this very special and haunting lullaby cover of Attack on Titan’s “Guren No Yumiya”.

Gossip – Move in the Right Direction

This one and the next one are my pumped up and I want to go dancing songs! I love Beth Ditto and I love Marina… wonder if they love me enough to do a collaboration?

Marina and the Diamonds – How to be a Heartbreaker

“How to be a Heartbreaker” is taken from Marina’s second studio album Electra Heart, nearly two years ago – it pains me that we’ve nothing new from Marina and the Diamonds! Regardless, you try listening to this and not feeling energised. Marina has been teasing fans about her third upcoming album, many of us expected it at the end of this summer with Marina herself uploading photos and short videos on her instagram account only fuelling our want.

Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis – Suddenly Seymour

Okay this one is a little weird but bear with me – not only is it Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis singing together, it’s Ellen and Rick in a musical about an evil man eating plant bent on world annihilation. Little Shop of Horrors is as weird as it is amazing – I’ve been sent gifs/videos and images all weekend while I worked on a cosplay prop but if I’m honest my shoulder guard is inspired a little bit on Audrey II.

 Eminem ft. Sia – Guts Over Fear

This one’s new and while I can’t put my hands up and say I’m an Eminem fan, I can say I’m a huge Sia fan and where she goes so too do I, throw in the fact that Eminem collaborates really well with other artists. While a lot of his work is lost on me with this track, Sia steals it for me and is my favourite part of this new single from the rapper. Time will tell if the rest of it grows on me!