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Howard Ashman – Nerd Icon

Howard Elliott Ashman, for me at least, is such a big name when it comes to Disney and the Disney Renaissance. If you’re a Disney lover, or even a fan of the Disney Renaissance, then you’ll know Ashman’s name straight off the bat, and you’ll more than likely team it up with Alan Menken. Those […]

Mad Musicals You Can Watch On YouTube

It won’t be a surprise if a lot of you have never heard of any of the following quirky productions but if you’re a fan of alternative musicals (and Joss Whedon’s musical taste!) well then maybe you’ll enjoy at least one or two of them. A Very Potter Musical Remember Glee? Remember Kurt’s love interest […]

Musical Remixes Fit For Your Ears

Oh yeah! It can be awkward when you’re trying to explain to mates just why you’ve got the entire Cats soundtrack on your playlist! Not because it’s embarrassing! No! I mean it’s awkward because clearly your friends have no taste or scope of what real music is! Neanderthals! For those of us with ‘Do-Re-Mi’ prancning through […]

Music Monday 22/09/2014

Edith Piaf – Padam Padam I’m not really sure where I’m pulling this track from, I fell in love with Edith Piaf’s voice in college, a Canadian guy I met and was trying to hit on introduced me to her songs. While the love interest went nowhere with him I dipped in and out of […]