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Music Monday 02/03/15

It’s officially March and for some reason it’s snowing… Irish spring never looked so rough! We know what to expect or rather we knew what to expect, spotty showers are the stuff we dream of now! I love rainy days, not that cold spitting rain that cuts into your bones, it’s the fresh spring rain […]

Music Monday 22/09/2014

Edith Piaf – Padam Padam I’m not really sure where I’m pulling this track from, I fell in love with Edith Piaf’s voice in college, a Canadian guy I met and was trying to hit on introduced me to her songs. While the love interest went nowhere with him I dipped in and out of […]

Music Monday 16/06/2014

So we're changing the way Music Monday works; each week a new writer will submit seven tracks, some new and some old, but just enough to get you through the week! You'll see our personal tastes emerge and hopefully discover some new sounds as well as reliving some old favourites!