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Release Roundup 23/03/14

Release Roundup 23/03/14



Missed a big release? Don’t worry, I have you covered with the release roundup from the week – the big ones to the little ones!

Oh boy do I love a good controversial release, and oh boy ladies and gentlemen this week we had a hell of a big one. Yes that’s right, Kojima has somehow single-handedly s0ld an advertisement for MGS V by releasing MGS V: Ground Zeroes, a single level priced at 30 Euros. No, I am not joking. Now I tend to always be on the side of the fence that price does not matter as long as the product feels like a finished product, I felt that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a finished product at only 2 hours, but MGS V: Ground Zeroes is a single level, which can take an hour to complete, for 30 Euros. Now while the price point is…interesting to say the least, how is the actually game itself – or what there is of it? Well the general opinion from reviews and fans, is that its certainly a true  AAA  next gen MGS experience, but it ends just as its beginning. It feels like a prologue before an opening credit sequence. Now as a person who really doesn’t have a lot of interest in the franchise, I think what Kojima is doing is insane, he is a criminal mastermind. He knows his fans are too loyal to not buy it, so why not just make it an hour for 30 Euros. This is a slippery slope, while I am all about quality over game time, selling a demo for a slightly-lower-than-normal AAA price is outrageous. Slippery slopes Kojima..Slippery slopes.


 Now, after the insanity that was MGS V: Ground Zeroes lets talk about an actual full length game, Infamous:Second Son. The latest in the super hero open world series, this game is more a reboot in some ways then an actual sequel to the original titles on the PS3. You will not have to have played Infamous 1 and 2 to understand the plot . This time you play as Deslin Rowe (Troy Baker) who gains the powers of neon lasers (basically) and must track down a group who have the same powers he does and either choose the good or evil side (yes Sucker Punch has an interesting view of morality), all being set in a real life representation of Seattle. Critics are all saying its pretty good, not amazing but pretty good, some complaints include the story being a tad dull and some very weak boss fights. The game is the first big AAA title to release for the PS4, so really if you have a PS4 and you are starved for games, then this seems like the first big title that everyone will be talking about.


999: The NoveliPad/iPhone-17th March

BravelandPC/iPad/Mac-17th March

Deus Ex: The FallPC-18th March

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesXbox One/Xbox 360/PS3/PS4-20th March

Pure ChessWii U/3DS-20th March

Final Fantasy X/X2 HD RemasterPS3/PS Vita-21st March

Infamous:Second SonPS4-21st March

The Witch and the Hundred KnightsPS3-21st March

Yaiba:Ninja Gaiden ZPC/PS3/Xbox 360-21st March