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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Johnny Bravo

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Johnny Bravo



Woooaahh Mama! This Saturday I thought I’d take a look at Cartoon Networks answer to Elvis, Johnny Bravo. Johnny first made his way onto our screens as part of a series of shorts in Cartoon Networks animation showcase, World Premiere Toons. The popularity of the shorts led the network to set to work on on creating a full series and it finally saw light on July 7th, 1997. The show was once again so popular that it was re-commissioned for multiple seasons and finally finished its run in August 27th, 2004.

Nowadays Johnny Bravo is considered one of the Cartoon Network classics and how the show kept going for so long with such a one dimensional character like Johnny. “The blond, macho, egotistical, swaggering, self loving, superstar wannabe” was his best description in the show, it just covers every base with him, with a pompadour haircut and a voice so reminiscent of Elvis that all he needs is a tight jumpsuit and a microphone. He’s so self absorbed that in one episode Johnny is working out when he lets one arm get a little too big and the other arm gets jealous which leads to a mighty battle between his arms to be the best! Johnny also has a habit of throwing himself at any lady who catches his eye, which mostly ends up with Johnny being brushed off and beaten down, both literally and figuratively. He’s flirted with many a babe all over the world, flexing his muscles at any eye that might give him a glance. He’s the kind of guy who you’d punch if you knew him in real life but he’s far more palatable as a big burly cartoon. 

Hitting on everything from an antelope to a werewolf and even some aliens, Johnny showed every little boy the ways not  to hit on girls as with every move Johnny makes the ladies beat him back with mace, handbags, baseball bats and even chainsaws, we realize that maybe what Johnny’s doing is wrong. The only person more stereotypical than Johnny in the cartoon is his mother, with that throaty stereotypical Jewish mothers voice you could never miss and with the way she dotes over Johnny, never really giving out to him for the things he does, we can finally see why Johnny acts the way he does. With the only woman he’s ever needed to treat well acts like he’s an angel she’s already messed him up, never teaching him how to properly treat women or, on a larger scale, people in general.

Johnny even went on to meet Scooby Doo and the gang which honestly is one of my favourite episode of the show. I always loved when Cartoon Network crossed over cartoon series’ but this one did it so well, mixing the tropes of both shows really well while at the same time making fun of them. It even takes a shot at the way the Scooby gang splits up the group with Fred chastising Daphne when she doesn’t split the group so that he can be with her.

Ever the poster child for chauvinism and underdeveloped man children everywhere, Johnny never grew up but we did and we grew to see that this show as great right from the start. With a writer like Seth McFarlane who would later go on to create Family guy and American Dad and a director like Butch Hartman, the man behind Fairly Odd Parents, this cartoon started off with two great men behind it and it created one of the most predictable and yet one of the funniest cartoons on Cartoon Network. 

So that was Johnny Bravo! It was fun looking back at one of my favourite t.v shows and I’ve already figured out what one I’ll do next week! Check back next Saturday when I stop by Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends!

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