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Humble Indie Bundle 11 revealed

Humble Indie Bundle 11 revealed


The latest Humble Indie Bundle has just gone live yesterday, and boy is it a fantastic one. The bundle gathers some of the best indie title of the last few months, including Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, The Swapper, Antichamber and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.

Out of all these titles I just can’t see a bad one, each of these are amazing games that really are worth your time. Gucamelee is a luchador themed Metroid-Vania in which you travel between the world of the living and the dead. Dust: An Elysian Tail is a action-adventure platformer with some of the most beautiful artwork you will ever see in a Indie title(also all made by one man). Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a fun platformer based around changing dimensions whilst playing as the two sisters. The Swapper is a expertly ‘crafted’ puzzle platformer, in which the entire game world is made from small models that were digitally imprinted into the game. Antichamber is a very odd first person explorative puzzle title which asks you to shed all previous knowledge of game mechanics and proceeds to melt your brain. And finally Monaco:What’s Your is Mine is a very visually striking top down stealth game in which you must steal various items in a level whilst staying unseen. If I was to pick the best title out of them all, I would have to go for Guacamelee, for just how insanely fun and charming it is.

Right now the average is $4. 08, which means if you pay over you will receive Antichamber and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, more games will be added to the list as time goes on, and shall be added to your Humble Bundle Library even if you buy in early. There are 13 days left, and I cannot recommend these games anymore then I have, each is worth far more then the asking price.

For more info visit the official site!