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THQ and the Humble Bundle

THQ and the Humble Bundle


*Update* The THQ Humble Bundle has made over $2.4 million in under 24 hours, to date the largest success of a Bundle was $5.1 million for Humble Indie Bundle V. At this rate this Bundle will be the most successful yet. Great news for everyone involved.

The Humble Bundle or the Humble Indie Bundle as it started out, was originally envisioned to help raise money for charity while helping to get smaller indie games much deserved recognition. The newest Bundle is a little different. It’s a bundle of THQ games, really good THQ games. Saints Row: The Third ( not counting Skyrim my Game of the Year 2011), Darksiders, the best Zelda game not starring a guy in green, The incredible Atmospheric Post Apocalyptic Shooter Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, another strong contender for GoTY 2011 and some highly regarded Company of Heroes games including Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. You also get a copy of each game’s sound track, and being a Humble Bundle you pay whatever you want to pay. (All Windows only Steam versions)

To date the Humble Bundle offers have raised over $7.8 million for charities like Penny Arcades Child’s Play and the American Red Cross. You of course choose where your money goes, you can give it all to the developers, the charity or the Humble bundle or portion it out any way you want. As of writing this you can own all these games including Saint’s Row if you choose to pay over $5.72 (around €4).

Normally this would be a crazy deal too good to pass up, but given THQ’s recent financial trouble it could be the a last ditch effort to stay on their feet. The usual situation is your money could go to help the smaller indie dev teams of one or two people so they can keep doing what they love. But with this bundle your money will be going to the big corporation that is THQ. Have things really gotten that bad that they need this to keep paying people’s paychecks? The official statement from John Graham (Co-founder of the Humble Bundle) is:

“We’re hopefully going to raise a huge amount of money for charity and expose a ton of new customers to the Humble Bundle model. We are debuting more games for Mac and Linux (and Android — and even an eBook!) and this will just help us continue to do so. We are humbly hopeful that our customers will see this as a good thing instead of a permanent departure from what we have done and will continue to do.”

This bundle alone is worth it even if you only play Saint’s Row: The Third. Fingers crossed that they are successful in whatever they are doing, because THQ has put out a lot of great games over the years an I for one believe the world will be a much emptier place without another Saint’s Row or Red Faction game. So Check out www.humblebundle.com for more information.