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You Should Play… Va11 Hall-A

There’s a lot to be said about the value of a good story in games. Some will prioritize mechanics, others will say it’s the aesthetic. But personally, I always put the story up top when judging a game. For that reason, I tend to give a pass to a genre with a bad rep; visual novels. Now […]

Undertale – Boss Rush

These days, the overnight success of Undertale seems like nothing, as this year both Overwatch and Pokemon Go have taken the world by storm two times over. Undertale was my game of the year in 2015, and I wasn’t alone, as the game’s popularity spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, spawning many discussions on the simplistic yet dark […]

No Man’s Sky Delayed By A Few Weeks

One of the most talked about games in recent memory would have to be the colossal sci-fi open world that is No Man’s Sky. It has been at every E3 press conference for the past few years, has had multiple “controversies” over its price tag and generally either people over hyping the hell of it […]

Racecraft Developers Discuss Key-Seller Scammers

Key-selling websites like G2A, Kinguin and CDKeys can be an absolute nightmare for indie developers. Because of the rise of these sites, scammers have contacted independent studios asking for keys for a variety of lies such as giveaways or posing as prominent streamers or YouTubers. Racecraft developer Vae Victis Games are victims of such attempts and […]

Firewatch Concept Art – Gallery

Only two months into 2016, and it already seems to be the year of pastel coloured indie games. Both the Witness and today’s subject, Firewatch, use a washed out, softer aesthetic. This is a style I am a big fan of. Today I thought I would show some love to Olly Moss, the artist behind […]

Meet the Bad Guy Of ZompireWolf

Ever wondered how it feels to be the bad guy? 16 year old Dylan explains how he became the bad guy in ZompireWolf an Irish developed game currently undergoing fundraising on Kickstarter. Sometimes the most interesting characters in history are the villains. We all love a good hero but without a great villain, a hero […]

Irish Indie Title The Cobh Announced

Anyone familiar with Gamedeveloper.ie would have seen The WhiteChapel at this years State of Play event. The project has since gone under some development, it’s been renamed The Cobh, after the Cork town. Developed by Aapo, a Pulse College graduate now living in Dublin and a trailer for the project has been released. It follows a […]