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Hasbro Sued For Alleged Font Misuse

Designing a font is a tough task that a lot of us take for granted. As it turns out Hasbro have allegedly been taking it for granted in a big way and are now being sued for it. The font in question is called ‘Generation B;, created by Minneapolis based company FontBros. They describe it […]

Happy Birthday – The Big 5

It’s strange, if you’d asked me five years ago would I still be doing this, I probably would have said no – I started this to fill my days. I was a post-graduate, out of work and just after moving home to my parents’ place after losing my job. I liked writing and had some experience […]

Far Cry 4 – New Experimental Website

  Are you up for discovering your wild side? Ubisoft have announced the launch of the Far Cry 4 digital platform “What are you made of?” – An experimental website engineered to test a players reactions in a world where all is unpredictable. It will give us an immersive and cinematic experience of the wild […]

Weekly Recap 24/11/13

Is it Sunday already? Well that means it’s time for the weekly recap of all the biggest news in gaming. This week was the launch of the Xbox One and the start of another console war, and its only been out for a day, but has sold one million consoles across 13 markets. just remember its a […]

News: IrishGameDev Rises New Site

Are you interested in the developing Irish Indie Game scene? Maybe you want to showcase your work or look for some help on your latest project? Well IrishGameDev Rises have launched their new website and building a space for all budding and established indie developers! The team behind the site have a particular goal in […]