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News: IrishGameDev Rises New Site

News: IrishGameDev Rises New Site


Are you interested in the developing Irish Indie Game scene? Maybe you want to showcase your work or look for some help on your latest project?

Well IrishGameDev Rises have launched their new website and building a space for all budding and established indie developers! The team behind the site have a particular goal in mind,  ‘bring a focus on Irish Game Developers. What makes IrishGameDev Rises different to other sites is that where the others focus on the already existing studios, interviewing them and highlighting their products, IrishGameDev Rises aims to put a spotlight on the rising game developers of tomorrow.’

IrishGameDev Rises is a place were people in the Irish game development scene can showcase their work for all to see. The site is open to all game developers, concept artists and 3D modelers from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

We have some great content so far for you all to see but we always want more. So if you are an Irish game developer or artist, you can submit your game or portfolio to us HERE. Or if you have something else you feel we should feature or showcase on the site, please contact us HERE and let us know about it!

For now check out the site to get a taste of the great talent Ireland has to offer to the games industry!“

If you want to check out the site, just click here! You can also find them on twitter [@IGDRises] and Facebook!