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Pugmire – A Dog Themed Tabletop RPG

Are you a fan of tabletop RPGs? What about dogs? If the answer to one or both of these questions is “Yes” then Pugmire may be for you. Pugmire is a game based on the civilization of dogs that developed after the downfall of mankind. The project is looking to produce a 7 x 10 […]

A Walking Dead Miniatures Game Is On The Way

In a press release on the official website for The Walking Dead it has been confirmed that the series will take it’s first step into the world of tabletop miniature gaming with a new partnership. Working with Mantic Games (Deadzone, Mars Attacks), Skybound Entertainment will release the game later this year with expansions to follow quickly from […]

Attack Of The Killer Kittens

What's 'Player Select' about it? Well each month we're giving our readers the chance to promote their favourite artists, writers, comics, kickstarters, indie developers, shops, cosplayers, conventions and more! If you want the world to know how awesome your stuff is then you need to tell us and we'll tell the world.

Live Blog: Extra Life 2015

Today, I’m participating in Extra Life, alongside thousands of other gamers around the world, doing what we do best playing games! Today there is something different about my gaming session, you can sponsor me and help raise money to help sick children. I’m not alone though, Arcade writers, Anthony, Eoin and Mairead are all taking […]