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RePlay: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Wow, Oblivion is almost ten years old… That’s so weird… It was my first Elder Scrolls game. And it’s also my favourite. Yes, I prefer it to Skyrim. Though I probably have more playtime in Skyrim admittedly. Don’t get me wrong Skyrim is great and all, I just preferred Oblivion. The levelling system is considered […]

RePlay: Star Wars Battlefront Series

If you counted yourself among the nine million players of DICE’s Battlefront Beta last month, you’re probably more than familiar with the original series of games from two gaming generations past. The idea behind these Replay pieces is to let readers know what it is we writers love and why time hasn’t tarnished them. Lucasarts’ […]

RePlay: Jak And Daxter

I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but somewhere over the last decade, publishers decided that mascot platformers were a thing of the past. Nevermind that Mario still sells gangbusters based on every game being a great platformer, nevermind that the likes of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and Sonic The Hedgehog have […]

RePlay: TimeSplitters 2

You can play as a humanoid duck and blast a life-sized gingerbread man with a plasma rifle. I could go on about the game in detail but really that’s all you need to know. Grab some mates and go be plasma ducks for a night. Job done. …Actually, I think the editors are looking at […]

RePlay: Shadows Of The Damned

It’s been a good few years since I played Shadows of the Damned and when I played it I knew nothing about it. One of my mates recommended it to me but told me that I should really play it without looking up anything about it, so I did. What followed was a ridiculous, silly, […]

RePlay: Legacy of Kain Series

In all my years of gameplay, never has a series of games pushed the edges of my sanity quite like the five games in the Legacy of Kain series. You might wonder why I chose to do this piece in bulk; why not pick one of them? If you’ve ever played them, you’d know that […]

RePlay: Speed Freaks

Most of you guys probably don’t remember this game, but I spent months non-stop playing it until I completed every track and unlocked every character. It was originally released on the PS1 and, although I generally hate car games, Speed Freaks is an exception. This game was released way back in the nineties and wasn’t a […]

RePlay: Ico

With the reveal that The Last Guardian is in fact alive and well, I thought I would look back at the game that kick started Fumito Ueda’s career and the short but fantastic legacy of Team Ico. That game is aptly named, Ico. Developed by Team Ico, with legendary director Fumito Ueda at the helm, this was the development house’s first title. […]

Replay: Batman Arkham Series

Roll your imaginations back to the weeks proceeding Christmas for this one, folks! This week we’re going to look back at the Die Hard of video game series; the Batman: Arkham Series. The year is 2009 and Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight movies are at the peak of their popularity, having revitalised Batman after the lacklustre […]