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The Art of Mulan- Must Have

Over the years, I’ve failed at collecting a wide variety of things. I tried stamp collecting for several years in my teens, which proved unfulfilling. It was also a waste of much needed drawer space. More recently I attempted a sword collection, which too turned out to be a fruitless endeavor. Leaving me with precisely […]

Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Has Found Its Director

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Disney live-action Mulan has finally found its directors. Niki Caro will take the position as director. Caro is perhaps best known for her breakthrough family drama Whale Rider from 2002.  Disney also considered other female directors, including Patty Jenkins and Michelle MacLaren before eventually settling on Caro. Disney have been working hard to ensure they […]

Disney Announce Live-Action Mulan Film

The live action train does not seem to be ending any time soon, following the most recent box office success of Cinderella Walt Disney Pictures have decided to lay their gold making hands on Mulan as their next live action adaptation, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Everyone remembers Mulan, released in 1998 and has one of […]