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First Action Figure CW Supergirl Now Available

Fans of Melissa Benoist’s CW Supergirl will be happy to learn action figures of the character have recently been released! The figures will be available under the DC Comics Multiverse Collect-And-Connect series along with figures of Armored Batman, Robin and Doomsday Superman. In a rather bizarre move reminiscent of the Exodia cards of Yu-Gi-Oh, each figure […]

13 Year Old Superman To Appear In Supergirl

Superman has largely remained a hidden but influential presence in new CBS series Supergirl, making small but significant actions such as sending James Olsen with a new cape for her costume. However, the superhero will finally be making an appearance, albeit in flashback. CBS are looking to cast a 13 year old boy with “future leading man looks” for […]

Supergirl’s Real Life Husband Will Play A Potential Love Interest On-Screen

CBS has  announced fellow Glee cast member and Melissa Benoist‘s real life husband, Blake Jenner, to be a recurring role as Adam Foster who will be a “handsome stranger from Cat Grant’s past” who “tests” Grant’s relationship with Kara Danvers. Foster and Danvers then form a very “special connection”. There is no mention of Adam Foster’s character […]

Review: Supergirl, Ep. 1 – ‘Pilot’

Back when the Supergirl trailer first landed, it had the unfortunate timing of coming out right beside an SNL sketch that typified many of the issues surrounding how Black Widow has been characterized The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. This mightn’t sound like a problem, except that the Supergirl trailer played out like a sincere mirroring […]