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Where To Start With Kpop – The Basics

Absolutely everyone in the world with access to music has heard ‘Gangnam Style’ by now. PSY’s global success was a huge milestone in the Kpop world, and Kpop fans everywhere felt like total hipsters when their friends started to show them PSY when we’ve all been listening to him for like, 10 years already. But […]

2015: A Year In K-pop

The end of 2014, or the ‘cursed year for K-pop’ as some have referred to, was welcomed by many K-pop fans after a number of lawsuits between idols and their labels, disbandments and member departures, controversies and scandals, as well as a number of unfortunate accidents. 2015, on the other hand, was embraced with open arms, […]

Buzzfeed’s Try Guys Try K-pop

Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys are trying out K-pop and Korean culture in a 5 part series! They attended KCON, the largest K-pop convention in America, and the series also includes appearances from model Irene Kim,  Dr. Suk-Young Kim, and Hyosun Ro so far. In the first part, they react to different K-pop music videos including Girls’ Generation, BIGBANG, 4MINUTE, EXO-K, Sistar, […]